Dye Flower Seed Blend with Yarn

Dye Flower Seed Blend with Yarn

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Choose between a single pack of dye seeds or a triple pack of dye seeds plus one 250 yard skein of fingering weight fine wool yarn, locally grown from sheep in the Pacific Northwest, and spun in US mills! This skein has been scoured and mordanted, so it is ready for you to dye!

Natural dyeing with plants and flowers is easier on the environment -- this process uses significantly less water and is non toxic, so that harmful chemicals do not end up in waterways. With the fashion and textile industries being the second largest producer of harmful wastes right behind big oil, any step away from those processes is significant. With all the environmental threats to their habitat and survival, honeybees and other pollinators need all the help they can get in order to survive. You can make a difference by planting this mix of annual and perennial wildflowers in a plot of soil, planter, window box, or even just distribute them wherever you like -- in an abandoned lot, on a street corner -- any spot with soil and sun. After the flowers bloom, mindfully harvest them and use them for dyeing cloth, yarn, or any other natural fiber.

Natural dyeing instructions included inside seed packet.

Dye flower varieties include: 
Alcea nigra, Hollyhock
Coreopsis tinctora, Dyer’s Coreopsis
Cosmos sulphureus, Sulfur Cosmos
Rudbekia, Black Eyed Susan
Anthemis tinctora, Dyer’s Chamomile

Note: All of these flowers in this mix love sun, so avoid too-shady areas. Easy to grow and maintain in most regions of the US of A. Seeds are non-GMO, and some are organic.

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